The Year That Was


I’ve been wanting to write a year-end article – tackling about what were my highs and lows the past year – but I was too preoccupied to even sit down and make one. So, after 11 days since the year changed, here I am. Finally, got some time to think about my 2017. Make some sort of reflection and just be grateful for everything I got from last year.

Looking back, my year started with readying my heart – well, my totality – for married life. I was busy with the wedding preparations, making sure every detail was well-attended to. I juggled work, preparations, tending relationships, and so much more. I was like – but way to go from being a superwoman.

While I was trying to be a superwoman, I realized and learned so many things along the way. I discovered myself even more. Well, maybe that happens when you know you are adulting – more so, you are transitioning from being a single woman to a married one.

I realized life is easier when you share it with people. Yes, not only talking about my now husband but your family and friends too. I was used to doing things on my own. When I was preparing for the wedding, though, I realized allowing other people to help you will make life a breeze. I learned to trust other people. I trusted their ideas, their opinions, their words. I let go of my paranoia about this and that. What I got from it? Well, a beautiful day.

I learned to choose my battles and let go of things beyond my control. I have this perfectionist side in me, but, I learned to accept that there is no such thing as perfect. You can only do so much, but at the end of the day, there are things you have no control of. Should they fail, you just have to shrug them off. Getting sad or dwelling on negativities will not help – you will only loose the good possibilities.

The year that was brought so much good and bad in me. I realized I am really not good at budgeting. Yes! I thought I mastered it, but marriage made me realize, I wasn’t. Well, not the way I thought I was. I thought I was too independent I cannot handle having someone around me, worse, having someone to attend to. Well, I was wrong. I actually love having my husband around and attending to his needs. I can actually be a domesticated wife.

I am a self-confessed introvert. It freaks me out when I am with people I do not know. I could hardly start a conversation, but marriage changed that. I had no choice. I had to exert an effort to get to know who my husband loves. I had to come out of my shell and learn to communicate with other people. I had to get out of my comfort zone. You know, you can’t always choose who you want to be with or just stay at home.

Obviously, with all that I’ve said, it boils down to – marriage changed so much in me or maybe it was innate in me. I just thought I can’t do all of these but I actually can.

My 2017’s highlight was when I got married. Everything that has changed in me is because I chose to answer to that call. So far, still in the process or learning and getting use to the new life. I actually cannot wait how 2018 will be though I envisioned it to be more and more adulting. I think if 2017 was great, this year will be greater. So much to look forward to.

I am thrilled and excited. I really hope the Lord will bless the desires of our hearts and make some of our couple dreams come true this year. Yay!

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The Bridal Gown

Finally, got some time to write. This time, I am sharing with you the story behind my beautiful gown.

Ever since the day I have dreamt of becoming a bride, I have always wanted my gown to be simple, classy and classic. I wanted clean lines and all. I am never a fan of extravagant, huge, ball gowns. So when I got engaged, I already knew what I wanted. I guess the saying is true, what you wear on your wedding day resembles your personality – always been a lover of classic pieces.


So I started checking shops here and there, hoping I’ll get to chance my dream wedding gown. Unfortunately, it’s nowhere to be found. So, I opted to have it made. I started looking for possible designer who’ll work on my gown.


We’ve met a few before Ingrid Santillan. I saw her work at BrideStory, an online website that houses a list of wedding suppliers. I don’t know who she is. I wasn’t even after her designs. I just threw a message and hoped I’ll get a reply – and she did.


Prior to our first meeting, we already chatted online. I sent her my peg and she quoted for me. I was honest enough to tell her my budget for the gown – which was already big for me but for the “normal” budget, it was actually low. When we finally settled with the price, the meeting pushed through.


My idea of my wedding gown is something timeless. It has to be something I can hand down to my future little me — with hopes she’ll be my size. Hahaha!

Anyway, so when Ingrid and I met, she sketched two designs for me. To be honest, the one which I did not choose was actually very sexy and classy, but I can’t. I cannot carry the gown because it wasn’t me.  Then she made this:


At first, I was hesitant about the low back, the beadwork and all. However, she insisted. Putting my trust on her, I agreed. By the way, brides, do not hinder your designers to create something beautiful for you. Once you’ve decided to let him/her do your wedding gown, put your 100% trust on him/her. Trust me, they know what they’re doing.


I fitted the gown thrice prior to the wedding. They made necessary adjustments (made sure it really fits me well).


Let me tell you, when I wore it on my last fitting, it was only then that the wedding sank in. I wasn’t feeling it until they made me wear the final gown, the veil (which by the way was very long – and beautiful), and my shoes.


 On my wedding day, Ingrid and her assistant helped me put on my wedding gown – at no additional cost, by the way. May I just say, Ingrid was way more than what I prayed for. She was very kind and generous. Though simple designs are not her forte (as her designs are fully-beaded, glamourous ball gowns), she gladly accepted the challenge of making me one.  She made sure I am one beautiful bride, wearing a beautiful gown on my wedding day. I owe her a lot. Yes, if you are a soon-to-be bride, I highly recommend her.


So here you go, sharing a few shots of the gown – a bit sad though ‘cause I don’t have a photo capturing the intricate back details of the gown on my wedding day. I think it’s a sign that I should wear it again and have a photo taken, right? Hahaha!



The Scrubs

So this is a special blog entry. Today, I am sharing with you something special, something that means a lot to me.


Recently, I decided to put up an online business. I decided to try producing a product, which I really like – scrub!


Yes, I ventured into selling body and foot scrubs. These are not your usual scrubs though. Definitely, not like the ones sold in the market. Mine is made up of all-natural ingredients. No harmful chemicals included. In fact, thinking about it, it’s edible – but of course, I won’t let my clients eat it. Hahaha!


Anyway, I call my online shop, my brand – Peppermint Body Essentials. Currently, we only have two products under this line: the Peppermint Sugar Body Scrub (which is a hit) and the Peppermint Sea Salt Foot Scrub.



It does look yummy, but please, us it on your body. I can assure you that it is relaxing, because of the peppermint aroma; it helps moisturize your skin, because of the oils; and of course, it takes away dead skin cells. Other than that, (sc)rubbing can also boost circulation and helps drain your lymph nodes by way of increasing blood flow in your skin’s surface.


So, how is that? Isn’t a good deal? Why don’t you try one now? Oh, and be assured we did not try it on animals. I personally tried it on.


A jar of Peppermint Sugar Scrub is only Php150.00, while the Peppermint Sea Salt Foot Scrub is Php180.00.


If interested, you may order via or through @peppermintbody on Instragram. Watch out for some Christmas treats! Here’s one:



6 Tips to Keep Calm before the Wedding

If you have been reading my blog, you probably know by now that my husband and I got engage around October last year. So, that makes roughly a year now.

Also, in my previous posts, I have most likely mentioned about the stress of planning a wedding – especially if it’s yours. I am a wedding planner, by the way, so I should know the difference of planning your own and planning for other people.

Anyway, when the wedding is getting near, apart from the jitters, women most likely are getting crazier each day. Well, I guess that’s normal. Who wouldn’t want a perfect wedding anyway? But girl, there is no such thing as perfect – unless you perceive it to be.

So, to help you somehow, I am listing not one but six tips to keep your nerves calm while preparing for your BIG DAY. Let me start with…

  1. Delegate Tasks. Asking help is not bad at all. But while you do so, make sure that you’re delegating it to trusted people. Those you know will really help you. Make sure they’re the ones who know you too well. That makes life easier, promise.


  1. Take a Break. Yes! You read it right. From time to time, take a break from the wedding planning. This helps your mind think better and keeps your body healthier. Remember, too much stress can cause you to lose your mind and get crazy. Physically, it might get you thinner or put those pimples on your face. You don’t want that, right? So make time to relax.


  1. Pamper Yourself. Don’t just take a break. Pamper yourself too! Go to the spa, have some massage, dip into the waters, eat your favorite dessert, hit to your favorite destination. You can do that! Do not let wedding planning hinder you from doing all that.


  1. Have a Date. I think this is very important. Do not consider your wedding-related getaways or meetings as dates. They’re not. Make sure you have that one day in a week when you just enjoy each other’s company. No wedding talks, just date.


  1. Accept that nothing is perfect. While there’s nothing wrong with aiming for perfection, it’s better to be realistic. We can only dream of perfection, but in reality, some things might not go our way. During my own wedding, I remember the table setup/styling was not what we agreed on. When I saw it, instead of feeling bad or asking the venue why is that so, I shrug it off. When I saw the photos later on, I realized, it was actually nice. Those things, you cannot control, so learn to let go and accept that things like that really happen.


  1. We can do nothing without the Divine Grace. At the end of the day, we can only do so much. God is still in control of everything. Learn to lift everything up to the Lord and allow a room for Him to surprise you on your most beautiful day.

The Love Story


I’ve been writing about our wedding but I realized I have not written yet the story behind it. Where it all started, and how did we get to this point in our lives.

So let’s go back memory lane and allow me to share with you our love story. Ready for a long read? Here we go…

My husband I met a few times before the official meeting. If you ask us when we first met, our answers are not the same. Why? Because he hardly remember the first time we met.

Technically, we first met at a friend’s house in November 2015 when he dropped by to accompany a common friend. I said “hi” but I think I was too thin and snobbish for him to notice. Even up to now, he wouldn’t remember me at that time.

We met in a few more instances after that but could hardly recall each other’s names and faces. Then, on March 2016, at a singles congress in Cebu, we formally met each other. But wait, before the “Gboy meets Pammy”, our paths crossed at McDonald’s near Sto. Niño Shrine. I was then waiting for a long-time friend.

He entered the fast-food chain, lined up, and then he saw me. He kept looking at me that it got me irritated. Though partly, his face seemed familiar.

Later that day, at the convention center, a common friend called me to introduce him to me. I nicely said “Hi,” and he was like “We met this morning.” Of course, I could not remember until he mentioned where. In my head, “Oh, you were the guy who kept staring that irritated me.”

Fast-forward from that weekend, we met again after a while when we had our household (prayer meeting). I did not expect him to be there – it was his first time to attend. When he came, I opened the gate, and the usual “Hi”.

It was that night that I got to know him better. His sharing was enough for me to judge him as a family and nice man. Later that night, the group decided to do a pilgrimage the following day. Since I have no clothes, I asked a friend to accompany me home so I could get one. Well, showing his gentleman side, he offered his services – he drove us home. Later on (when we were a couple already), he revealed that it was his way of knowing where I live. Genius!

Days passed, I did not notice any move. So I though he wasn’t into me. Not until after that one assembly. He brought me home along with our friend. But before heading the house, we ate at Pares just across my place. Little did I know, our friend smelled something fishy – on him of course.

That night actually started it off. We kept texting each other since then. I already noticed something “weird” but I shrugged it off because I promised to never assume until the guy says so. So, that weekend, he asked me if I wanted to attend The Feast at PICC with him. Since I have always been wanting to attend one, and I guess because I felt secure with him, I agreed. So yeah, it was apparently, our first date (without me knowing).

Weeks passed, the weekend “dates” happened, then suddenly, he told me (through text! But later talked about it face to face) that he was into me. He wanted to formalize everything. He told me he’s praying about pursuing me. I simply told him that we both pray about it.

Everything in our love story went fast, maybe, but it felt right and sure. I actually refer it to God’s perfect time. We met at a time when we both entrusted our hearts to God. When we surrendered to the will of the Lord.

He pursued me for a month. Yes, just a month. I did not plan it. In my head, I was actually thinking of having it last for at least 3 months. But to my surprise, yes, it happened exactly a month after he told me his intentions.

We were on our way home that night when we happen to pass by a gate with house number 143 on it. I told him, “Uy, 143 oh! (Hey! It’s 143)”, to which he answered, “I love you too.” Crazy, right? But I shrugged it off because in my head, it was not yet the time.

Then he asked me, “Ba’t ang sweet mo ngayon? …Maraming beses mo ako hinug. (Why are you sweet today? You hugged me for a couple of times.)”. I replied, “I hug the people I love.” Where in the world did I get that!? He told me I should clarify what I just said. I panicked. I told him to not mind it – he’s a friend and because of that, I love him. Of course, I was trying hard to get out from the situation. It was not yet time or so I thought.

But the Lord has his own timeline. He follows not our timetable but his. So before going out of the car, I took a deep breath and made everything clear to him. I told him what I really feel about him. We then prayed and hugged to seal the deal.

Looking back, it still puts me in awe how the Lord has written our love story. It was not how I imagined it to be, but it was more beautiful than what I have in mind. God truly is a God of surprises. He makes things happen not based on our will but His.

Hope you had a great time reading! God bless your heart.

PS: The photo above was taken at his birthday getaway — we weren’t together yet at that time. 🙂


5 Realizations in Planning a Wedding

So before I continue my appreciation posts. Let me share some realizations with you first.

My husband and I prepared for our wedding for about nine months only. For some it’s too short while for others long. For us, it was just enough. With the help of friends and family, plus the internet, everything was easy for us (except gathering resources – financial resources! Hahaha).

So, as a newly wedded wife, here are some points I wanted to share with you as you prepare your wedding:

  1. Time. You need enough time when preparing a wedding. There are so many things that need to be done. Best if you have a trusty journal or planner with you where you can write down the details you need to settle and do your timetable. Work according to your timeline and it’ll be less stressful.
  2. Compromise. Yes, couples need to compromise. Along the way there will be a lot of decision-makings. It is important that you talk things out and meet halfway. Good thing for me, my husband and I share the same vision for our wedding so it was not that hard. By the way, apart from you and your fiancé, both your parents and siblings might also want to share some inputs in your wedding. Some you might agree while some not. In that case, talk about it with them and compromise.
  3. Make up your mind. During the planning, there’s a tendency to get overwhelmed with a lot of things especially if you keep looking at Pinterest or wedding websites. Better if you sit down with your partner and talk what you really want, what you envision for your wedding day. Once done, focus on that. Remember, you will always find better ideas along the way so better stick to what you’ve decided on unless it’s necessary to change.
  4. Budget. The most important of all. One thing I learned so far is that when budgeting, make sure to list down all possible expenses. Consider the expenses before, during, and after the wedding. If possible, always make an allowance per item. It’s better to exceed than to cut short.
  5. Have fun. The process may be stressful but it would be less than stressful if you two will have fun. You will only take that path once, so savor every moment. I tell you, once the wedding’s done, you will miss it. I do miss it! Terribly.

So there. Hope this helps. Happy wedding planning!


The Flowers and the Backdrop

Starting off my “supplier appreciation” posts with our flower supplier, Flower Power by Ryan and Jenny Maagma.

I personally know ate Jenny and kuya Ryan for more or less seven years already since we all belong in the same Catholic community. I’ve seen a lot of their work through the years. I must say, they’re really blessed with artistry and creativity.

They both know me too well that even before I found my husband, they knew what flowers I’d want for my wedding. So, that makes life easier for me. Yes, because I need not explain too much.

Ever since, I’ve always dreamt of a simple but elegant and classic wedding. I wanted something timeless. Every detail must be. Thank God, He gave me a man who also wanted the same.

When we and the Maagmas started talking about how the flowers would be, I just told them my requirement: something simple but pretty. With my bridal bouquet, I looked for a peg that suits best my taste. I knew I wanted something feminine but not too common. It had to be something me. When I found the perfect peg, I just sent it to ate Jenny and that’s it.

For the rest of the entourage, I entrusted it to them. I did not give too many specifications. I trusted them too much that there’s no need for that. It also included the flowers at the church. My instruction? The church is beautiful as it is, I do not want anything elaborative. I wanted everyone to appreciate the beauty of the church, for them to focus more on it rather than the flowers.

Fast forward, on the day of the wedding, Flower Power delivered as expected. The first thing (literally) I saw when I woke up was my bouquet. The moment I saw it, it was what I desired and more – more because I knew it was a labor of love.

But wait, there’s more! Kuya Ryan did our backdrop at the reception. He did a 3D effect of our official wedding logo, which by the way was designed by a dear friend of mine. How he executed it was just beautiful. If only we can take that home and place it somewhere in the house, we would. Haha!

If for their workmanship and the fun and love they put into what they do, I would have to give a 10 to Flower Power. Highly recommended, indeed.







PS: All photos were taken by BrilliantBum Photography.