the journey begins


It’s 10:25PM, I actually just woke up from sleep–and then suddenly thought of writing my thoughts. A few months back, I made a major decision in my life. Something that my heart desires — to love and be loved. I have opened my heart to another person.

I am used to just being with myself. For a long time in my life, I have not allowed anyone to invade my relationship with myself. I have showered myself with all the love I could give — and along the way, there was only one Man who has had the permission to dig into the world I had with myself. Apart from God, nobody else.

But I guess the Lord truly knows when it’s time. He knows when and how He’d make His plans happen without you noticing it. One day, I just had to tell the Lord, “Hey, I am ready. Let’s get it on.” And so we did. The moment I said those words, He brought me to the world He has planned for me even before I was born.

The next thing I knew, I am at a time when I had to meet someone and then viola, allowed him to enter into my world. Apart from God, now we are three. I met him at a time when the Lord said so. He came at a season when the Lord knows it was time. Looking back, maybe if he came earlier, I would have not noticed him, perhaps even pushed him away. Thank heavens He listened to God’s direction! Hehehe.

So the long wait is over. Yes, in a way or another, I had my own waiting time. The Lord made me wait for awhile (like since birth) for me to meet the man He has perfectly prepared for me. He made sure I enjoyed my waiting time first before He bombarded me with such a sweet surprise.

Gboy and I met at a time when we were both readied by God. He made sure we are both prepared to receive each other as gift from God. He made sure that once we get to read our love story, we’d say, the Lord is indeed the best writer, the best storyteller.

It has only been about five months since we got together but the Lord showered so much blessings in our relationship. We had our share of sweet arguments we’ve surpassed, a series of temptations fought, and we both know there’s so much more along the way. Needless to say, we get to annoy and bully each other from time to time (or should I say, every time).

The five months that we’ve been together so far has been the best five months in my life and I know there’s more to come. With God’s grace and mercy, we claim of many more months and years of joy, love and God-filled moments in our lives as individuals and as one.

I can’t wait for the coming days — how the Lord will unfold all that He has planned for us. I can’t wait until all the blurry details by far will be made clear by Him. I am just so filled with excitement at how the Lord will make us both kilig with His amazing grace.

My heart is just filled with gratitude because the Lord is ever so good. Now time to go back to sleep. Time check, it’s 10:46PM.


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