it’s official

As of this posting, it’s been five days since my beloved formally proposed with the “props” and six days since he asked my family’s blessing to marry me. To be honest, I am still up in the air. Still savoring the moments there were the past days. This year is so epic! 2016, I never thought you’d be this great!

So how did everything go? It was Sunday, my nephew’s baptism. We were all happy since the family is almost in complete attendance, plus some relatives were also present. After all the day’s event, we were left as family.

So while everyone’s still up, I approached our oldest sister to help me gather mama and papa. But it turned out, ate gathered everyone. So there we were, seated as one family having like a household of some sort or in our own words, a family meeting.

As we would always do it, there was an opening prayer by yours truly. Then, my beloved started talking. Funny thing, when he asked if he could ask my hand in marriage, my ate took the knife from the lechon and said, “Sure ka kamay lang (Are you sure you want her hand)?” Then laughter broke, him saying, “Lahat po pala (i want everything).”

He said his piece, then papa and mama spoke, them being surprised about the news. Everyone was so welcoming. We were filled with so much words of wisdom. Let me share some:

1.       Love. Always love each other. When something unexpected happens or when fighting, always go back to where you started. Always remember why you love each other in the first place.

2.       Communication. Always talk things out. Everything can be settled if you talk.

3.       Care. Always take care of each other.

4.       Trust. Trust each other. Keep it. Do not let your partner mistrust you. Once you break it, you can never gain it back the way it used to be.

Those are just four of the countless words of wisdom from the elders. Something we can always go back to when we’re facing challenges or joys along our soon-to-be married life.

Honestly, that moment with my family was really epic. I would have not wanted it any other way. It was exactly how I envisioned it to be. Truly, the Lord keeps His promises. Another check on my checklist. Hehehe. 

Looking back, it was filled with tears, but not of sadness rather of joy and hope of a love and joy-filled, fruitful marriage for us.

So now let me take you to that moment when he formally sealed the engagement. Me and my soon-to-be husband were on our usual daily morning routine to work. After praying the rosary inside the car, we were on our usual happy self. Kidding around.

Then, when we reached Makati Ave, he said he has “letters” for me. I got excited thinking I have something to read. Yes, I thought what he meant by letters was writings. Apparently, he was literally meaning it. He handed me letters in the alphabet and asked me to puzzle it out. When I saw the letter “w,” I told him “Alam ko na ‘to (I already know it), will you marry me?”

After I finished laying the letters down, I thought he’d bring out the ring. But to my dismay, he didn’t. Since I already thought there was none, I asked if I could now dismantle the letters and gave them back to him. I was already disappointed in a way, but not until we reached Bonifacio High Street. About a block away from my office, he said he’s not done yet. His props were not yet complete, so he brought out the “red box” containing the ring. My face has that huge smile, and got awake as I was sober because of lack of sleep.

The moment he opened the box, there was that – if I may call it – magical light. A ray of the sun hit the diamond in the ring and there was just something in there I cannot explain. To my delight, I shouted and asked him to do it again so I could document. But, as they say, some moments – special moments – are often uncaptured. That was one of those moments I will just keep in my memory box.

The proposal was not grand. It was exactly how I wanted it to be. Simple, sincere, and private. Definitely no pressure to say “yes”.

With all that’s said, I and him give back the glory to God. All these things, He made them happen. It wasn’t how we might have planned things to be, but we cling on to the fact that it was God’s plan. After all, since we got together, it has always been His over ours. Thank you, Lord!


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