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Funny thing, we booked the church and the reception even before we got engaged! That’s a rare case, don’t you think? That is just one of the things that make our story unique. We are not the type who would go for the norm, we break the norm.

Two months back, me and my love were on a long weekend trip when we decided to sit down and talk about getting married. My love has always been straightforward in telling people that he wants us to marry next year – I, however, would not take things seriously.

But things changed when I asked him if he feels bad whenever I would not take his words seriously, when he said yes, it was then that I knew he was not really – at all – kidding about it. So it was also then that I decided to join him and jumped.

We agreed about the details: 1. Wedding should be out of Metro Manila. 2. Not in my or his hometown. 3. It has to be on a weekday. 4. It has to be a morning ceremony.

Then, I started searching for churches in nearby provinces. I was sure of one thing about the church, it has to be a Marian Church. At first, I wanted the date to be Marian as well, but I guess, God has better plans and so we ended up on a non-Marian date.

After a couple of churches seen online, there’s one that stood out. Disclaimer, it has nothing to do with Popoy and Basha really. Personally, there’s a certain peace that radiates by just looking at it. We both decided to visit the parish one sunny Monday. You know that feeling you can’t explain but you just know that’s it? The search is over? We felt it the moment we stepped into that church. Right there and then, we knew that that is the church for us. And yes, it’s Marian, it is called Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The next day, I had to call the parish office to have our preferred date penciled booked. Now, here’s a fact, that cliché that says “be careful of what you pray/wish for”? We wanted a morning wedding, right? So God gave us exactly what we wanted. The only time available for us on our preferred date: 8:30AM.

The date, the day, the time and the church – they’re all perfectly God’s will.

Will share about the story behind the date in my next entry.


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