The Reception Venue

The day we went up to Antipolo City to check the church, we happen to pass by LeBlanc Exclusive Resort. Well, I’d say it was a head-turner because of its all-white look. So we thought of passing by the place and check after visiting the church.

Just how it felt in the church, LeBlanc was like an answered prayer. It wasn’t hard for us to decide that it was our wedding’s reception venue. With it being white, it basically resemble the church. They’re a perfect match!

A few days after booking the church, we also had our reception venue reserved. LeBlanc matches our dream of an intimate wedding party place. With the size that’s right, the ambiance – trivia, I’ve always loved white. It’s all about going back to the basic.

Oh yeah, needless to say, their bridal room a.k.a. presidential suite is perfect. It’s very spacious – and the bathroom too! The bathtub is so dramatic. Hehehe.


LeBlanc is actually an ancestral house turned resort. What makes this perfect for us is, it has that vibe of having your wedding reception at home — It’s like gathering everyone at the comfort of your home.

By the way, all photos were taken from LeBlanc’s official Facebook Page. By the way, before I forget, they are opening their hotel soon — it’s just adjacent to the resort. So better check it out!



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