The Prenup Shoot

When we were preparing for the shoot, I thought it would be easy since we do not have a theme to follow. We just wanted it laidback and fun. 

However, I was proven wrong. Apparently, the preparation was stressful — especially for someone who doesn’t have a “fashion-worthy” closet. My clothes are mostly basic and because of that, it was hard to find the right outfit for our simple, non-themed shoot.

But because the Lord is good, He took that opportunity for me to trust in Him and the goodness and generosity of friends.

A week before the shoot, I was already in panic because I have nothing to wear (or so I thought). Then came Kat, a friend from the SFL community. When I saw her during our community gathering, there was that instant light bulb moment. She was the one I was looking for — a fashionista friend who would do styling for us and yes, would lend me clothes to wear (but she was more than that, see below photo).

After a couple of consulations, we had the perfect outfit for the shoot. Ops! I said awhile ago that we didn’t have a theme. Did not even think of having it styled (there’s just a lot of things to do before getting married, you know), but because we have awesome and amazing friends, what we thought was simple came out to be more than what we imagined it to be.

Ate Jenny and Kuya Ryan of Flower Power Flowers and Event Styling came on the day of the shoot prepared. They brought not just my beautiful bouquet but brought other stuff to make our shoot Bride and Breakfast worthy.

So blessed with friends, right? Not just that, we had a few more friends who helped and made the shoot more meaningful for us — We had Francis the best man and Med the maid of honor who made sure everything were well taken cared of. Kat and Princess served as our PAs while Vic and Jiezan where there to help capture behind-the-scene moments. Kuya EY and Macy were there to help us out too and to take inspiration from as they’re getting married as well.

Of course, the shoot won’t be complete without our official photo team, BrilliantBum Photography. Serg and his team did an awesome job in spite of the hot weather.

We were all soaked in the sun but no one complained. Everyone just kept laughing and hopefully enjoyed each other’s company. Oh, and we had that bumpy and dusty ride going up and down the mountains too.

It was tiring but it was more than fun. It was filled with so much love not just between us, but between each of us. Thank you Lord for blessing us with awesome people in our lives.❤


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