The Home

For a couple of months, we’ve been searching the perfect place to live once we’re married. We scouted here and there until we were led to what we will soon call – home. The story behind finding it was all by chance or should I say, it was just really destined to be.

I happen to call an agent I saw online. All along I thought he what he posted was the condo we were eyeing to stay at. Apparently, a day before our scheduled visit, the agent called me for confirmation. It was then that I realized it was the other condo of the same developer. It was the condo we never thought of checking out.

Out of courtesy, we agreed to visit the place anyway. Turned out, there we will find what we have been looking for. But before finding the right unit, we chanced upon a unit we liked based on what we can afford. Sadly, the day we were about to reserve the unit, it wasn’t already available. Yeah, it was a little heartbreaking until the agent convinced us to check other available units. We were a little hesitant (especially me) first since the price is high, but checked on them anyway.

I guess our agent was heaven-sent. If not for him and his very good sales skills (and urging), we wouldn’t find the one. We found our nest at Cityland Grand Central. We found our home. We found the place where we will (with so much hope) start our life and (our soon-to-be/in-God’s-time) family together. It’s nothing grand, but, it’s just right for starters like us. We cannot wait to turn this unit to a home.


Meanwhile, as of this writing, we’re halfway to making it look like a “real” home. We have purchased what we think are much-needed items already while the others we thought of buying after the wedding. My fiancé has already lived there for almost two months, while I sometimes do sleepover to get the feel of it. I cannot wait to eventually move in in the next few weeks (enter separation anxiety in the picture – hehehe).

PS: We are yet to do a house warming. Hoping to do it before the wedding together with our families. Nothing grand, just so it is blessed.



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